Track Zero: What VUCA Threats & Opportunities Will It Create for You?

In recent weeks we have been hearing from the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris and tracking to zero emissions from fossil fuel combustion and industry by mid-century. has the following mission statement:

Track 0 is an initiative to translate the globally agreed 2ºC limit on temperature rise into a mission statement that can support practical solutions. Anyone, whether countries, companies, cities or individuals can commit to mission of getting to zero emissions through setting concrete targets and actions. Scientists say we need to reach net zero emissions by around 2050 for an 85% chance of limiting temperature rise to 2ºC. This means bringing the biggest source of emissions from fossil fuel combustion and industry, down to zero as quickly as possible, starting today. Phasing out emissions to zero is possible, feasible and supported by the science. Track 0 is here to support all those who want to pursue decarbonisation pathways to ‘net zero’ emissions, pointing the way to a clean, fair and bright future for current and future generations.

Regardless of your politics or stance on the science of global warming, Track Zero creates VUCA in all businesses and industries.  What VUCA will it create in yours?

  • Volatility?
  • Uncertainty?
  • Complexity?
  • Ambiguity?

The VUCA of Track Zero creates chaos for all, but chaos is not your problem, it’s your relationship with it that is! (Chaos is Not Your Problem). 

If you have the agility to proactively operate inside the chaos, ahead of the curve, then the VUCA which Track Zero creates is full of opportunity:  Track Agile.
If you lack the agility, reactively operating outside of the chaos, behind the curve, then the VUCA which Track Zero creates is full of threat:  Track Fragile.

Which track will you be on?  Track Fragile or Track Agile?  Not just with regard to the VUCA of Track Zero but also all the other kinds of VUCA you face.  Participate in The VUCA Report at the Strategic Agility Institute to help you choose Track Agile.

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