The Digital Vortex – Across All Industries, The Average Time to Disruption is Just 3.1 Years

Disrupt or be disrupted is the call from Cisco and this great research they did with IMD’s Global Center of Digital Business Transformation, in which they concluded:

  • “The average time to disruption across all industries is 3.1 years!”
  • “Four of today’s top 10 incumbents (in terms of market share) in each industry will be displaced by digital disruption in the next five years.”
  • “Some more than others, but all industries will see competitive upheavals as innovations become increasingly exponential.”
  • “Digital disruption has not received board-level attention in about 45 percent of companies (on average across industries). Moreover, 43 percent of companies either do not acknowledge the risk of digital disruption, or have not addressed it sufficiently. Nearly a third are taking a “wait and see” approach. Only 25 percent describe their response to digital disruption as proactive.”
  • Read more.
  • Also visit IMD’s Digital Vortex site where they have done a nice job summarizing
  • They all make available the full report as a PDF.

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