This Week in Agility Research: July 3, 2015

Here are a few items of new agility-related research that popped up on our radar this week. 

Strategic agility of Korean small and medium enterprises and its influence on operational and firm performance

H Shin, JN Lee, DS Kim, H Rhim - International Journal of Production Economics, 2015

Abstract This study explores the nature and role of agility as a strategic intent and its 
influence on operational and firm performance. Combining field interviews with the literature 
review, we develop theoretical connections between strategic agility of Korean small and ...

 How Jihadist Networks Maintain a Persistent Online Presence

A Fisher - Perspectives on Terrorism, 2015

... After identifying three elements which underpin the Swarmcast—Speed,Agility and
Resilience—the article concludes that future policy to counter the dissemination of Jihadist content
must challenge the Swarmcast on a strategic level. ... Swarmcast: Speed,Agility, Resilience. ...

Efficiency and hospital effectiveness in improving Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems ratings.

M Al-Amin, SC Makarem, M Rosko - Health Care Management Review, 2015

... improve processes. Agility is manifested through organizational ability to respond
to changes by relying on managerial and operational tools and methods that are
already adopted in the organization (Sharifi & Zhang, 2001). As ...

Agile Strategies in eTourism

AF Khomeyrany - 2015

Abstract The aim of this study was to investigate how agile strategies can leverage eTourism 
and how increasing the use of digital channels can improve the performance of a tourism 
website. To this end research was conducted into Umeå Tourist Information Centre (UTIC) ...

An integrated approach to agility in humanitarian logistics

C L'Hermitte, M Bowles, P Tatham, B Brooks - Journal of Humanitarian Logistics and …, 2015

Agility is an essential attribute of any organisation operating in an uncertain environment as it 
underpins the organisation's ability to respond more rapidly and effectively to changes (Lee, 
2004). Since humanitarian organisations typically operate in unstable environments, they ...


M Frese, MD Mumford, C Gibson - The Psychology of Planning in Organizations: …, 2015

... introduce the notion of agility... They connect the individual approach with an organizational
approach, and the concept of agility is used to connect the individual model to an
organizational process model of plan refinement and adjust- ment. ...

Impact of ERP Systems Usage on Organizational Agility: An Empirical Investigation in the Banking Sector

F Aburub - Information Technology & People, 2015

... An agile organization is able to react quickly to markets that change as a result of a dynamic
environment. ... The capabilities of an agile organization can be defined as the means that the
organization needs to have in order to make appropriate responses to Page 3. 3 ...