Join the global movement to create knowledge about agility. Our vision is to create--through the Strategic Agility Institute™ (SAI)--a comprehensive network of leaders and researchers united by our common interest in agility. Together, we can thrive in the chaos of change.   

To help us all learn more together, we are launching The VUCA Report™, an ongoing study that will continuously collect insights from around the world regarding disruptive forces of change and practical ways to become more agile. It’s this kind of collective, global agility movement that will help all of us thrive in this volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world. 

We need your help. Here’s how you can join us:

Take the survey.

The VUCA Report™ intends to capture the most important VUCA trends and agility next practices on a systematic basis—but it starts here with you and this survey. The survey contains only about 20 questions and a few demographic items, so it will only take you less than 10 minutes to complete. UPDATE: Volume 1, Issue 1 of The VUCA Report™ is now available! If you participated, you'll receive your copy this week. If not, simply take the survey via the link below and you'll get access to Volume 1, Issue 1 immediately upon completion. 

Spread the word.  

The more thoughtful responses we get in a short period of time, the sooner we can analyze the data and provide you with a FREE copy of The VUCA Report™ Executive Summary. In addition to using this site, we are specifically launching this survey to our carefully chosen community who we believe will extend the survey reach to a broader kindred community.

Introduce yourself.

Ben baran, ph.d.

Ben baran, ph.d.

If you have any other ideas regarding The VUCA Report™, please share those ideas and suggestions by contacting Ben Baran (he's running this study and some other parts of this site).

By participating, you’ll be joining thousands of other leaders who are also interested in discovering better and faster ways to face this VUCA world and building organizations that are more AGILE—focused, fast and flexible. 

After collecting these data, we will analyze everything and produce a summary report that outlines the key findings and implications.

Here are 5 Sure-Fire Reasons You’ll Love The VUCA Report™  

The VUCA Report Survey™ is now open, and we'll be collecting data for the next few weeks until we have a sizeable sample. We’ll then analyze the data and publish the next edition of The VUCA Report™.  Click here to take the survey.

We’re certain that you’ll love The VUCA Report™ because it will include:

  1. Analysis of the most disruptive trends on the horizon. We’re asking leaders to rank a host of disruptive trends across five domains—Technological Advances and Innovations; Economic and Financial Issues; Environmental and Societal Concerns; Geopolitics, Regulations and Security Issues; and Workforce Dynamics. The data will allow us to showcase exactly what leaders see as the most critical trends to watch in the near future. 
  2. The top cutting-edge agile practices being used right now by business leaders. The report will include descriptions and analysis of the top agile practices that leaders say they’re currently using to drive agility in their organizations. These practices will provide fuel for you to expand your agile practices as well. 
  3. Innovative agile practices that leaders recommend to increase agility. We’re also asking about agile practices that aren’t being used currently but would help increase agility. We anticipate these innovative agile practices to be additional agile tools that readers of The VUCA Report™ will be able to use right away as they become more focused, fast and flexible. 
  4. The most common obstacles to agility. It’s critical to know what to avoid or what not to do as a leader. By describing and analyzing the most commonly mentioned obstacles to agility, The VUCA Report™ will help readers better anticipate roadblocks within their organizations that will hinder agile performance. 
  5. Integrated analysis and commentary to help you navigate this volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world. We are also asking a number of questions related to overall VUCA perceived by leaders and specific aspects of agility. The VUCA Report™ will include details about what we see—based upon the data—as the most important areas of focus for leaders who want to drive greater agility within their organizations. 

We look forward to including you in this global effort to better understand the business environment and become more agile. To get started, please consider participating in The VUCA Report Survey™.  

By participating, you’ll also get a free copy of The VUCA Report™ Executive Summary.

Thank you very much for choosing to join us in this important endeavor.